ethically wild-crafted ~ organically sourced ~ blended with love



+ enchanting and invigorating +

olive leaf – orange blossom – spanish mountain thyme

This is the taste of Southern Spanish springtime – the enchanting melodies of sweet orange blossom unite with the aromatic notes of thyme and rest in the strengthening balm of olive leaf. Each April we set out to gather these ingredients in our centennial olive and orange grove and up the rivers of the Alpujarra Valley. Primavera’s distinctive bouquet and invigorating effect is unique and enticingly delicious, making it our signature and most popular blend.

sunrise ruby

+ fortifying and energising +

hibiscus flowers – pomegranate petals – rosemary blossoms – ginger

The energising fruity aroma of hibiscus flowers and heart opening notes of rosemary blossoms meet the boosting warmth of ginger, sprinkled with red wild pomegranate petals. This blend is a beautiful one to wake up to and kickstart your day with. Use it as an alternative to black tea/coffee to get your spirits going or rebooted in the dip of a late afternoon.

princess zest

+ nourishing and clearing +

lemongrass – almond blossoms

One of our clients says drinking this blend feels like a gentle embrace by a magic cloak – deliciously tender and liminal. It combines the zesty grace of our lemongrass with the sweetly alluring marzipan bouquet of almond blossoms which we pick high up in the Sierra Nevada. A ceremonial tisane to enjoy throughout the day until late into the night, tickling forth dreams by elegantly lifting the senses.

firle in-fusion

+  calming and refreshing  +

lemon verbena – cardamon – rose

This blend is our favourite after dinner treat yet can be drunk at all times. Our celebrated lemon verbena meets exotic subtle hints of cardamon held in the sensual aura of rosebuds. A refreshing yet calmative tisane with digestive and nervine qualities clad in a distinctly delicious aroma.

Single infusions

lemon verbena

+ relaxing and enchanting +

Clients and friends confess to get hooked on our delicious Lemon Verbena and always come back for more.

Grown in our organically certified tea garden in the Alpujarra valley, irrigated by acequias, the micro climate of this once Moorish terrace suits this plant perfectly. We have up to three harvests a year and always ensure that its magnificent aroma and beneficial qualities (nervine and digestive) are captured at its best. Harvesting during summertime, observing moon and sun cycles, ensuring a short drying process.  A few savvy connoisseurs have noted that our Lemon Verbena is among the best they have tasted around the world. We believe this is due to the ideal conditions it grows in: guarded by 1000 year old olive trees, rained on by orange blossoms in the spring time, kissed by Southern sun throughout the year.

orange blossoms

+ ambrosial and delightfully atuning +

A tisane that will effervescently atune your senses. This is our most precious friend in the blossom family. We have worked with the azahar for many years, observing its cycles and reaping its pleasant healing benefits.  For a few weeks each Spring the whole valley is steeped in its alluring scent and we get hypnotised by its enchanting swirls of sweetness. Each tree produces many more flowers than ripen into fruit so we take the ones otherwise lost to the wind, leaving the rest to the bees. We communally gather to tickle the blossoms off their branches and relish in their delight. They are loved as infusions and in our signature orange blossom cordial.

almond blossoms

+ soothing and elevating +

Sweet notes of marzipan, graceful bee melodies and tender messengers of spring to come. This is an exquisite and noble tisane. We refer to it as liquid ‘gold dust’ as we take far journeys up into the Alpujarra mountains during winter to gather it from wild trees once planted by monks and farmers in remote places fed by the snowmelt water of the Sierra Nevada. Harvesting and drying these delicate flowers requires a special touch.  We are grateful to our dear friend Belen who does it so well for us. You only need a few blossoms per cup and they can be re-infused a number of times. A truly unique treat.


+ antioxidant and refreshing +

We grow our lemongrass amongst ancient olive trees in our certified organic tea garden. Relished for its zesty citrus fragrance and beneficial digestive properties it aids in detoxifying free radicals and has been found to help with insomnia and maintaining cellular health.

olive leaf

+  antioxidant, anti-viral and anti-fungal+

A great alternative to green tea. We use the young sprigs (chupones) of our organic olive trees in Andalucia. Regarded as a tonic cure-all, drinking this simple and restorative tisane feels like plugging into an ancient life force. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants, has been found to lower blood pressure and is filled with anti-inflammatory properties.

red thyme

+ anti-viral and aromatic +

This sister of the vast thyme (and wider mint) family is a rare variety indigenous to the Granada valley of Southern Spain. It carries notes of cantueso lavender and scents of rosemary, its wild aromatic companion plants. It serves as an excellent tonic and delicious infusion to boost the immune system with antioxidants whilst opening the senses. Used as a culinary herb it adds a unique twist to risottos and stews. We gather it while it flowers in late Spring, taking only a few sprigs of each plant to preserve its strength, leaving the rest for the goat herds to enjoy that roam the valley day in day out.